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Nail trends in 2018 have taken it up a notch. Styles moved from conservative to edgy but with practicality. Trends change according to the season, and to have the ability to stay ahead with what is hot and what is not, is certainly not always easy.  To make matters more difficult, creating them yourself is not easy too, but it can be done. 


This piqued our interest and that is why we decided to create a list of nail shape trends for 2018. Our focus was spent on finding those trends that are returning this year.   8 Nail shape trends in 2018, that are making a comeback.  


The color on your fingernails tell other more about you without you having to tell them. The way your nails are designed and what it displays shows the world who you are and the relationship that you have with yourself. With that being said, any design on your fingernail will always speak volumes about you. But nothing says it louder and bolder than wearing the late...


Gone are the days when durability was synonymous wit boring and drab. Gel nail polish ca be used to spruce up your fingernails with more than just stunning colors, but also the use of shapes, stripes and exquisite patterns that is sure to turn any nail polish lover into an addict in a very short amount of time. We’ve sear...


If you’re in the southern hemisphere this time around, you’re experiencing winter. This doesn’t have to mean that your nails should lack in creativity. Nail designs are created to suit seasons, occasions and off-course your overall style. Nail artists and creatives often come up with ideas to make nails look completely different from the next. Some end up trending whilst others remain off the radar of those who love decadently looking nails.  

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of Winter nail trends 2018 that is sure to turn your winter blues into sparkly days. These are 7 of the best trends we’ve seen thus far.